About Us

In 1962 Cast All Corp. was established in Mineola, NY.

At that time our principle product lines revolved around zinc die castings for window and door manufacturers and custom trade.

In 1980 as the Window Industry evolved so did we. While still servicing all of the die cast needs of our customer base with parts as diverse as electrical stakes and air craft seat buckles, we began to produce plastic injection molded parts to meet the needs of the vinyl window market. Today, working with quality engineered plastic resins we manufacture a wide variety of parts in these materials. Tilt latches, end caps, screen corners, novelty items, just to name a few. Frequently, we provide both zinc and plastic products to the same customers. Where applicable, we introduce plastic molded parts to replace metal ones often doing away with secondary operations resulting in considerable cost savings.

We would be honored to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quotation on any zinc die cast or plastic part utilized in any commercial application.